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Community Integrated Health (CIH)


Formerly known as community paramedicine, CIH is bringing home care to people who would otherwise be unable to obtain care. 

Common CIH Services

Common CIH services include high utilizer home services to lessen the burden on clinics and emergency departments, Hospice and home care partnerships, and immunizations. Other services include lab draws and point of care testing, medication inventory and administration as well as mental health resources. We also provide patient assessments and evaluation, post-discharge followup and referral to appropriate resources. Another valuable services that we provide are prevention programs such as fall prevention, helmets, seatbelts, health fairs and other programs to help keep the community safe. 


Wound Care

At home wound care is an essential service that we provide so patients are getting timely, appropriate wound care without having to leave their homes! 


Call, text, or email us to set up an initial visit to see if our services are right for you! Or, talk to your primary care provider for a referral for essential services.

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